Source sorting, internal recycling, and recycling for reuse, including the use of internal carbon credits

Source sorting is about recycling and using recyclable resources, as well as promoting reuse. This concept is applied to the waste we all produce in our daily lives.

In reality, one could just as well call it waste sorting, but the professional term source sorting makes sense when one understands what this "concept" actually entails. Source sorting is closely related to the principles of "Cradle to Cradle." This perspective is about seeing the value in the resources found in waste. By sorting the waste and dividing it into different types/sources, it becomes easier to reuse resources from the same source again.

Each type of waste, also called a waste fraction, holds significant value as our resources here on Earth are limited. Instead of incinerating all the waste to generate immediate electricity and district heating, we can achieve greater value in the long term by recycling the resources, thereby extending their lifespan.

It also requires significant energy to extract new resources, especially when it involves fossil fuels with associated CO2e emissions. For example, extracting wood, paper, plastic, and metals requires large amounts of energy and water. Therefore, it makes sense to collect the resources in the waste and return them to the cycle so they can be reused.

Professional knowledge and common sense must go hand in hand if we are all to contribute to sorting our waste fractions correctly in households and businesses. When companies engage in internal recycling of the waste resources they generate and transform these fractions into recycled products, they are one step closer to maximizing the utilization of available resources, which can result in internal carbon credits.

Collecting and recycling waste resources is crucial for our future. It reduces the need to extract new resources and decreases environmental impact. We all need to contribute to the community to ensure that our actions make sense and contribute to sustainability.