CO2e emissions and CO2e reduction  

CO2e emissions and reduction

Welcome to the Climate ESG Monitoring System (CEMS): Your partner in optimizing CO2e emissions and sustainable reduction.

CO2e emissions: Understanding and controlling your company's CO2e equivalent (CO2e) emissions is crucial in the fight against climate change. CEMS provides you with insight into your organization's carbon footprint by accurately measuring and recording emissions. Our advanced monitoring system identifies sources of emissions and forms the basis for a strategic approach to reducing your company's environmental impact.

CO2e reduction: CEMS goes beyond just identifying problem areas. We help you implement sustainable solutions and document your CO2e reduction initiatives. When your company takes steps to reduce CO2e emissions, you can rely on CEMS to provide accurate and verifiable data. We encourage and support your company in taking concrete steps towards a greener future, which not only benefits the environment but also creates economic advantages.

CEMS features:

  • Accurate measurement: Get precise and up-to-date measurements of your company's CO2e emissions.
  • Sustainable solutions: Implement effective sustainable initiatives and document their impact on CO2e reduction.
  • Accounting integration: Record your CO2e savings directly into the accounting system and realize financial benefits.
  • Monitoring and adaptation: Keep track of your progress and constantly adjust your strategy to enhance your sustainability profile.

Your path to CO2e neutrality: CEMS helps you define and implement a clear path towards CO2e neutrality. Our system allows you to identify areas where further reductions are possible and encourages ongoing innovation in sustainability.

Choose CEMS as your partner in CO2e management and create a more sustainable and cost-effective future for your business. Sign up today and take the first step towards a greener direction.

Climate ESG Monitoring System, CEMS makes your CO2e savings usable and accounting-recordable through our online accreditation platform. If you as users have reduced your CO2e footprint and document it via CEMS, the CO2e equivalents become deductible in your accounts. CEMS also handles any overcompensation, meaning that you are only taxed when you redeem the savings for your overcompensation.